Light Green Background Wedge

Jon Sutter

is a furniture maker who specializes in creating artistic and sculptural furniture of his own design, inspired by industrial and mechanical forms.

grey dual lamp with gauges
circular shaped throne chair
grey clock with domed top full of growths
turquoise rectangular table with glass top />
grey clock with dome containing a thistle
circular natural wood endtaable with internal shelves
Large yellow clock with moon landing feet


There is such potent beauty in a bridge or an antenna, a silent power in high-tension towers. We burn volatile vapors in our engines and light our homes with electricity made miles away in a coal-fired generator. Our voices whisper into the ears of our dear ones through the telephone, and we listen to music on radios attached to nothing. Each day we witness miracles and hardly bother to notice. My work attempts to remind us that the everyday lowly and utilitarian infrastructure of our world is filled with exquisite objects whose creation represents a self-portrait of mankind. Through mechanical forms I strive to distill our relationship with the world, a relationship of beauty, consumption, and utilization, into a symbolic object.